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Zinc roofing at King's College Sports Pavilion

Designed and installed by AMR, this project is an excellent example of VMZINC Quartz standing seam roofing with Foamglas build-up over the Kings College swimming pool. Also included was Bauder Flat Roofs Total Roof System and Eco-Green Roof installed on a significant slope that included a retention system to prevent slippage of the green roof. Lastly we installed Kemper System UK Liquid Roofing to the plant areas.

  • 500sqm Kemper 2kPUR Liquid waterproofing

  • Bauder total felt and green roof system

  • 0.7mm VM Quartz Plus standing seam roofing

  • 0.8mm VM Quartz Plus standing seam soffit

Photos by VMZinc & Paul Kozlowski


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