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All Metal Roofing project featured in VMZINC's 2024 Gallery

Now in its tenth year, Gallery 2024 highlights how architects are using VMZINC across the UK and Ireland. The wide range of architectural typologies proves the flexibility of VMZINC as a material for roofs, facades and indeed rain water systems.

The projects also illustrate how the aesthetic of zinc gives a depth of texture that painted metal simply cannot achieve, all this with a 100 year service life, 100% recyclability, A1/A2 combustibility ratings with BROOFt4 certification and a 50 year warranty.

The work undertaken by All Metal Roofing at Castle Community Rooms in Framlingham, East Sussex, is featured on page 19 of the gallery.

This project, designed by James Gorst Architects, features 1000m2 standing seam roofing and cladding in ANTHRA-ZINC PLUS.


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