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Zinc roofing and cladding at 83 Barchester Street, E14

Roofing: 0.7mm El Zinc Rainbow Brown Protect standing seam roofing

Cladding: 0.8mm El Zinc Rainbow Brown standing seam cladding

This redevelopment of a 1939 factory building and 1956 warehouse provides 115 new affordable homes of the site in the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area.

Whilst the original buildings could not be retained, their appearance is echoed in the new scheme which uses A2S1 rated zinc roofing and cladding to provide additional storeys.

The three new buildings are organised around a central landscaped courtyard, with a six-storey structure replacing the warehouse, and four- and five-storey elements set within the existing walls of the factory.

Echoing the saw-tooth profile of the factory, the new zinc-clad upper floors and roof form a series of ‘spines’ that progressively raise in height across the site. This element is also conceived as a distinct metal volume that has been ‘slotted’ into the existing brick facade.


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