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AMR wins Pitched Roofing Award for Barchester Street

All Metal Roofing is delighted to announce that we are the winners of the Pitched Roofing Awards' 'Best Use of a Hard Metals Roof' category for our work at Barchester Street.

Here's the project summary:

Designed by Metropolitan Workshop, 83 Barchester Street, which comprises 115 affordable homes, challenges expectations for social rented housing.

Equally striking are the project’s saw-toothprofiled upper storeys and roof - all of which are finished in elZinc Rainbow Brown zinc from SIG Zinc & Copper.

The development occupies a former industrial site, which included a disused factory and warehouse.

The three new buildings are organised around a central landscaped courtyard, with a six-storey structure replacing the warehouse, and four- and five-storey elements set within the existing walls of the factory.

Intended to evoke the saw-tooth profile of the factory, the new zinc-clad upper floors and roof form a series of ‘spines’ that progressively rise in height from Balladier Walk to Barchester Street. This element is also conceived as a distinct metal volume that has been ‘slotted’ into the existing brick façade.

SIG Zinc & Copper’s elZinc Rainbow Brown zinc was chosen for several reasons.

  • Firstly, its warm, bronze-coloured tone perfectly complemented the yellow and pink hues of the existing brickwork.

  • Secondly, the material’s attractive yet durable coating provides excellent protection against corrosion, ensuring longevity in use.

  • Lastly, elZinc is cost-effective, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

One of the most important aspects of the detail design process was to retain a seamless aesthetic with crisp lines and minimal overlaps at eave and verge conditions.

All Metal Roofing was able to adapt the traditional details to closely meet the original design intent drawings.

The (warm) roof construction is formed of trapezoidal steel sheets fixed to timber rafters, then a layer of rigid PIR insulation, followed by acoustic matting, a breather membrane, and zinc standing-seam cladding.


The judges said:

“Barchester Street is a perfect example of a project that challenges expectations for social rented housing. Spectacular in appearance, it offers intricate detailing of multiple pitches and facades. An impressive building, it certainly has the ‘wow’ factor!”



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