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All Metal Roofing is proud to be a ‘VMZINC at Work’ partner contractor

AMR is proud to announce that it is a ‘VMZINC at Work‘ partner contractor. This is a scheme set up by VMZINC to ensure contractors adhere to the high quality and service required by them.

VMZINC at Work contractors follow VMZINC recommendations as well as having a proven track record of successfully installed projects.

All approved contractors are members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) which routinely vets the workmanship of its members.

VMZINC at Work contractors also commit to attend an annual training course to ensure installers and office staff are aware of the latest products and systems from VMZINC.

What’s more, VMZINC offers an improved 30 year material warranty if the metal roofing has been installed by a VMZINC at Work contractor.

Please contact All Metal Roofing on 020 8498 0789 for more information.


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