Testimonial: New roof, Mayville Community Centre - All Metal Roofing

Posted by | May 12, 2013 | Testimonials | No Comments

I have just completed a contract at the Mayville Community Centre to achieve a Passive house refurb. There were some critical areas to work around due to airtight membranes. One area of concern was the new roof. After the carpenters installed all the timber trusses and the airtight membranes, we then got in All Metal Roofing to complete the roof coverings. They were working with our carpenters in a very professional manner and were highly competent and skillful when working around our air tight membranes. They also came up with solutions to keep the building airtight. This was a very complex job and it was a pleasure working with All Metal Roofing. A lovely looking finished roof was produced. I would happily work with All Metal Roofing again.

The Main Contractor