From design to build
All Metal Roofing, one of the foremost contractors in fully supported, hard metal roofing, facades and cladding systems, provides exceptional service as standard. This ensures our clients have all the information at all times from first consultation, are confident with the progress of the work and maintenance of the budget, and are delighted with the finished, high quality job.

Our pro-active project management means we focus on a strong site team who are highly qualified, motivated and committed to our values of client focus and efficiency, from the plans to the finishing touches. Our managers, supervisors and contractors bring together skill sets and technical expertise which encourage mutual respect and inspire confidence with the client.

The design aspect of our services is the critical transition stage between an idea and the finished build. Whether it is a complex roof, an intricate cladding system, a bespoke ornamental piece or a domed or unusually shaped roof, All Metal Roofing combines experienced technical know-how and state of the art CAD systems to accurately calculate every aspect of the job. This eliminates wasted time, materials and money allowing the finest details to be examined, budgets and time frames set and goals achieved.

With the design approved and the project underway, we first focus on Health and Safety with effective management of the site, assessing for risk, and safe systems of work put in place before construction begins. This is achieved through careful pre-planning meetings, consultation with site contractors, supervisors and the client, understanding the protective constraints the project demands, utilising support from the supply chain and considering the environment, both in material terms and the site and surrounding area.


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We have offices in London, Plymouth and Birkenhead.
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