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Industry News: Rheinzink use their grey matter with the Protect Line

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Designed to weather harsh environments and micro climates, the  Blue Grey and Graphite Grey Titanium Zinc Protect Line are painted with a transparent coating on top of the pre weathered material to provide a hardy shield against the elements.

Developed exclusively for roofing and fascia cladding, the Protect Range sports a removable film to add protection when folding and fabricating. The incredible resilience of the material means that even in an aggressive coastal environment, it repels the conditions with ease.

As well as resilience, the material boasts the flexibility to clad soffits with the surface coating. The high quality, malleability, durability and hardiness in extreme climates mean the product meets EN988, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as ASTM B69-11; impressive indeed!

The Rheinzink Protect Line runs in conjunction with the other three lines: The PATINA LINE, COLOR LINE and INTERIEUR LINE and are blazing a trail in innovative products in the Titanium Zinc industry.

The All Metal Roofing Team find this product exciting for all of the reasons mentioned already as well as being 100% recyclable, virtually maintenance free and comes in coils and strips for different applications.

Although the Rheinzink company mantra is ‘always better’ we’re thinking ‘how much better can it get?’

Industry News: VMZINC add another colour to the palette

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After the success of the Pigmento green, red and blue coloured zinc range launched in 2005, Umicore Building Products launched the VMZINC Pigmento Brown in 2012.

This exciting addition to the range has proved a runaway success with architects, who, after being presented with sample selections, unanimously chose the Pigmento Brown.

This success has been attributed to the natural warmth and stylish appeal of the raw tones in addition to the durability and weather resilience.

The Pigmento range work by adding mineral pigments to a protective coating that reflects the colours of its surroundings. The ingenuity of this process allows the natural texture of the Quartz Zinc to show though the colour. It is hard-wearing, recyclable, finger mark resistant and has the same lead time as all of the other colours in the Pigmento range.

The All Metal Roofing team have found this an exciting product as it offers a number of highly creative options when used in conjunction with other materials. It presents clients with possibilities for new builds or renovations, particularly in rural surroundings.


Case Study: Maggie’s Centre, Swansea

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Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in Swansea, designed by the late master Japanese Architect Kisho Kurokawa, sits in the North West corner of the Singleton Hospital Trust, amidst dappled mature forests overlooking the ebullient Swansea bay.

The centre, which gives care and support to cancer patients and their families, was opened by First Minister Carwyn Jones, footballer John Hartson, Japanese Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi and the family of Kisho Kurokawa.

With its innovative shape representing ‘energy, metabolism and infrastructure,’ it is a welcome respite from the regime and the exhaustion of treatment. The tranquillity of the surroundings and the natural, inclusive curves of this wonderful building are as generous and gracious as the people of the region who raised the funds for its inception.

Translated and designed by Architects, Wendy James and Thore Garbers, the building has a dynamism that is shared by the centre’s staff caring for sufferers through counselling, rest, discussion and mutual support and is a far cry from the clinical uniformity of a traditional hospital building.

The roof structure is a marvel of tubular steel ridges intertwining in geometric wizardry to allow the roof finishes and soffits to reach the concrete frame with titanium in fills beyond. All Metal Roofing used Bright Zinc to create a bond with the walls and, as the materials weather and patinate, they change to give a living feeling.

Kisho Kurakawa wrote on a covering note for a sketch for the site plan;

‘A life is a small universe. A universe is a great life. We can always communicate with a universe of great life.’