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AMR News: All Metal Roofing is now a ‘VMZINC at Work’ partner contractor

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VMZINC at Work logoAMR is proud to confirm that it is a ‘VMZINC at Work‘ partner contractor. This is a scheme set up by VMZINC to ensure contractors adhere to the high quality and service required by VMZINC.

VMZINC at Work contractors follow VMZINC recommendations as well as having a proven track record of successfully installed projects. All approved contractors are members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) which routinely vets the workmanship of its members.

VMZINC at Work contractors also commit to attend an annual training course to ensure installers and office staff are aware of the latest products and systems from VMZINC.

What’s more, VMZINC offers an improved 30 year material warranty if the metal roofing has been installed by a VMZINC at Work contractor.

Please contact All Metal Roofing on 020 8498 0789 for more information.

Industry News: RHEINZINK Color Line

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24102012_rheinzink-color-composing_min_33_d07d827a66RHEINZINK’s Color Line brings a new dimension to designing with zinc.

The RHEINZINK base material is coated with PVDF paint finish and has all the unique properties and qualities associated with zinc manufacturing. With a choice of colours from the RAL colour range, Color Line offers unlimited design possibilities while maintaining a proven track record for roofing and facade design.

Color Line is available in both sheet and coil form and is manufactured with a protective removable film which provides added protection when folding and fabricating.

  • Natural material
  • Comprehensive colour selection
  • Durable, high quality PVDF coating
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to handle and form
  • Good surface resistance can be maintained
  • Ideal for fabricated products and profiles
  • Extensive product range for roofing and facades

Industry News: AZENGAR from VMZINC

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Azengar-VMZINC-Chantier-ChatenayMalabry1AZENGAR, the new surface finish from VMZINC, is the first engraved zinc, which gives a product with a matte, light aspect.

It is eco-designed using a new industrial process enabling a reduction in acids, effluents and water consumption, as well as in the number of manufacturing stages.

AZENGAR is easy to form, bend and weld, and possesses all the natural properties of zinc for quick and easy installation. Its fingerprint-proof surface ensures a flawless finish for rainwater collection, roof and facade systems.

Areas of use:

  • All types of buildings
  • All forms of roof, with slopes ≥ 5%
  • All types of cladding
  • All types of environments

Job Vacancy: Site Manager/ Supervisor

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We are looking for a Site Manager/ Supervisor who can:

  • manage and oversee projects from start until completion, ensuring the work is completed on time and within budget
  • work on a wide variety of projects
  • understand Health and Safety issues
  • negotiate sub-contract orders and monitor sub-contractors
  • planning critical dates and organise labour
  • agree extra work to be done on a contract and resolve disputes which may arise

Please contact us for more details or to apply.

Testimonial: New school building

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All Metal Roofing Ltd carried out the work with skill, efficiency and to a very high standard of workmanship. They impressed with their ability to communicate and understand specific detailing in the design stage and during construction to ensure that the job progressed smoothly. The site was kept neat and well organised with full adherence to health & safety. On the financial side All Metal Roofing Ltd achieved a very high standard of finish for a competitive price and adopted a very professional approach to negotiating the cost of any variations that arose during the course of the works. As architects we were very pleased with the working relationship and finished quality, the later a sentiment shared by the clients and their representatives and would be happy to work with All Metal Roofing Ltd on future projects.

The Architect

Testimonial: New school

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Our client, the London Borough of Hackney, has asked us to pass on their commendations for the works which All Metal Roofing have recently completed. The brass shingle cladding has been the icing on the cake with not one tile being out of level or position; this will be a landmark building. On a personal note I wish to express my thanks for all your efforts, in particular to your Contracts Manager who assisted me and the design team on several occasions in providing solutions for details which became apparent as the works unfolded. The proactive approach from him with respect to health and safety, in particular ensuring regular toolbox talks and plant inspections, were issued to us rather than the main contractor having to chase, was a breath of fresh air and assisted the team greatly in ensuring CDM compliance.

The Architect

Testimonial: New roof, Mayville Community Centre

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I have just completed a contract at the Mayville Community Centre to achieve a Passive house refurb. There were some critical areas to work around due to airtight membranes. One area of concern was the new roof. After the carpenters installed all the timber trusses and the airtight membranes, we then got in All Metal Roofing to complete the roof coverings. They were working with our carpenters in a very professional manner and were highly competent and skillful when working around our air tight membranes. They also came up with solutions to keep the building airtight. This was a very complex job and it was a pleasure working with All Metal Roofing. A lovely looking finished roof was produced. I would happily work with All Metal Roofing again.

The Main Contractor