February 2015 - All Metal Roofing

Industry News: RHEINZINK Color Line

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24102012_rheinzink-color-composing_min_33_d07d827a66RHEINZINK’s Color Line brings a new dimension to designing with zinc.

The RHEINZINK base material is coated with PVDF paint finish and has all the unique properties and qualities associated with zinc manufacturing. With a choice of colours from the RAL colour range, Color Line offers unlimited design possibilities while maintaining a proven track record for roofing and facade design.

Color Line is available in both sheet and coil form and is manufactured with a protective removable film which provides added protection when folding and fabricating.

  • Natural material
  • Comprehensive colour selection
  • Durable, high quality PVDF coating
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to handle and form
  • Good surface resistance can be maintained
  • Ideal for fabricated products and profiles
  • Extensive product range for roofing and facades


Industry News: AZENGAR from VMZINC

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Azengar-VMZINC-Chantier-ChatenayMalabry1AZENGAR, the new surface finish from VMZINC, is the first engraved zinc, which gives a product with a matte, light aspect.

It is eco-designed using a new industrial process enabling a reduction in acids, effluents and water consumption, as well as in the number of manufacturing stages.

AZENGAR is easy to form, bend and weld, and possesses all the natural properties of zinc for quick and easy installation. Its fingerprint-proof surface ensures a flawless finish for rainwater collection, roof and facade systems.

Areas of use:

  • All types of buildings
  • All forms of roof, with slopes ≥ 5%
  • All types of cladding
  • All types of environments